Guess we'll have to wait another 2 years for Jesus Rays

No name change in '07 for Devil Rays.

Although the organization hints it will pick a new moniker for '08. How about Not-DRays?

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gnorb said...

"Devil Rays president Matt Silverman announced Tuesday the team will not change its name or uniform in time for the 2007 season, but he also indicated strongly that [renaming the team 'The Jesus Rays'] is inevitable by 2008."

This according to The Trib, which as we all know, is the best paper with the word "Tampa" in its title. The people have spoken!

Seriously: it'll be hard to see "Devil Rays" go. After all, it's so unique! Almost more 21st Century-ish than names like -- well, heck, like any around today. (Except the Diamondbacks, which sound quasi-neo.) Maybe some other, even more exotic animal like..."The Skunk Apes!" That way, if they stink up Tropicana, we can always say "Of course -- they're skunk apes!"