"They stole our jobs!"

First immigrants were stealing our construction jobs, then all the McDonalds' openings, and now they're taking over the NFL positions. We need Congress to do something about this. After all, what's left for us WASPs besides cush banking jobs and spots on the PGA Tour?

In all seriousness, much respect to Davin Joseph and his family. 24 years ago Davin's father, Elie, was living in Haiti when he decided it was time to get his family out of the country. Elie was able to get a one month visa to the States and ended up in South Florida. From there Elie worked his ass off to provide for his family in Florida and his family back home in Haiti.

And now Elie has a son playing in the NFL and a daughter working as a physical therapist in Gainesville. It's safe to say America has been good to the Joseph family. Land of opportunity, roads paved with gold, Scarface and all that.

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