How about you quit being tools...

Somewhere in his ramblings Tom mentioned that the Bucs official message board is looking for suggestions to make the site better. Since I've been banned from there for mentioning Ron Mexico, I'll use this site to offer my own advice...quit being a bunch of giant, completely useless douchebags.

Comparing that board to Soviet Russia would be an insult to Stalin's intelligence. Example, a quote from one of that board's moderators in response to a perfectly innocent and reasonable question about the why the moderator banned a member for something the moderator was also guilty of:

DeadEagle, you have been a member here since 2004. You know very well that the Mods and Admin ALWAYS have used sig lines. We are, per definition, not members here.

In the future, if you have any questions regarding the rules, PM a Mod. Do not question the rules in public again. This is a favor as much as a warning.

Ahh, the foundation of an open and honest message board...censorship and dogmatic obedience to the rules. It's like 1984 all over again.


Anonymous said...

dude...seriously...we come to you for pearls of wisdom on the bucs...nobody cares about your beefs with other blogs or the bucs website...all the more reason to start a REAL blog on the Bucs...look for it soon....take care.

gnorb said...

I still consider you a real blog on the Bucs... (Heck, this is where I get most of my Buc-related news.)

Now, I do have a question -- and you'll have to pardon my ignorance -- but who the hell is "Ron Mexico" and why do I keep reading his name on sports sites (usually being ridiculed)?

Finally, as for your beef with the message board, just remember this: it's their playground, their toy, and they can take it and go home any time they want. I hate to say it that way, but any altruistic ideals they may espouse are by no means a necessity, so long as people keep visiting. When people stop visiting, rules tend to change. (I used to be an administrator for a number of rather large forums -- 15M+ visitors/month -- and I gotta tell ya, sometimes stupid rules and hard-assing by the mods is what it takes to keep those places running as they should.) That said, why not start your own bucs (or sports) forum? I could offer more than a few pointers and help in that arena.

Ski said...

my problem with the bucs message board lies with the way they have alienated so many bucs fans. the message board is an embarassment (sp?) to and poor representation for the bucs franchise.

ron mexico might be the single greatest nfl story (with the possible exception of the muff diving panthers cheerleaders) from last year. michael vick used "ron mexico" as an alias when picking up women because he has herpes.

thanks for the constructive criticism anonymous, let me know how that REAL bucs blog turns out

gnorb said...

Well if you're interested in giving them a bit of help (by way of competition) in the message board/forum, drop me a line (norb(NOSPAM@NOSPAM)gnorb.net). I'm doing a site redesign now and it seems to be taking a very berry Buccaneery turn. (gnorb.net/wp is the development site.) Adding a set of forums to the server wouldn't be a problem. (BestBucsForums, anyone?)

Ski said...

I appreciate the offer GNorb but I find the Pewter Report message board to be quality stuff (for the most part). I don't have the time for to start a message board and even if I did it would be hard to improve on what Pewter Report has done.