I got your cheerleaders right here

I've basically been goaded into mentioning this, but then again I'm a glutton for goadenment. Beginning next month the NFL Network extends its foray into reality tv (which I hear is all the rage) with "Making the Squad", which follows around a group of young nubiles trying out to become Bucs cheerleaders.

This show airs next month on the NFL Network...which I do not have. There's only one station I'll pay extra to get, HBO. Which means I will not be able to comment on the entertainment provided by bouncing bosoms, catfights, and naked pillow parties...sadly.

And Scott, ask and ye shall receive.


Scott said...

Other than the size of their breasts, I don't care for your cheerleaders one bit.

Ski said...

so I guess I can't sell ya on their internal beauty?