Quoth the Raven, "WTF?"

With the draft excitement having come and gone, we have little to quench our thirst for the rest of this desert trek they call the offseason. With that in mind, we (and by we, we mean I, the royal we) plan on following the quarterback drama unfolding in Baltimore, including the latest and oddest turn involving a two year old. Read on...

An accident could prompt the Tennessee Titans to part ways with quarterback Steve McNair sooner than they would like.

The Titans' Michael Waddell will be sidelined four to six months after suffering a knee injury while playing with his 2-year-old son, leaving Tennessee short on depth and experience at cornerback.

To make a free-agent signing, the Titans likely would have to release McNair, who counts $23 million against their salary cap. Tennessee is reportedly $112,000 under the cap.

The Raven's courthship of McNair should be the writing on the wall for Kyle Boller. Boller, a first round pick in 2003, has been given more chances than he should have and has failed to meet expectations each and every time. McNair, a shell of the player who carried his team to the Super Bowl in '99, is still a better quarterback than Boller.

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