I Like That

In case anyone accuses me of drinking to heavily from the Hater-ade, I did like one of the Bucs draft day moves...signing undrafted rookie Andre Hall. Hall, of course, hails from the most expensive four (or five) year party in Tampa, aka USF. (Apparently Hall's SATs weren't good enough to get him into FSU.)

Since there's nothing the media loves more than the chimera of local-boy-dun-good combined with a Cinderella story (anyone remember Shaun King?), expect a few more stories on Hall if he experiences the least little bit of success. And maybe it's just the masochist in me, but I'm rooting for Hall to do well. After Cadillac the depth chart at runningback will be wide open. Michael Pittman had a stranglehold on the number two position last year but is on the wrong side of 30. And the rest of the backs on the roster are solid but unimpressive.

And just because all the cool kids are doing it, I leave you with some YouTube highlights of the former Bull.


John F. said...

Hall's a solid rusher, but at the same time you can see from those replays he doesn't have the breaking speed -- he can get through a hole (or make one) but anyone with speed can catch him in the open.

Regardless -- I'm with you on the hometown-boy-makes-good thing. i want to see him succeed (and possibly lead to the ouster of Pittman from the roster).

Ski said...

yep, Hall won't be able to rely on his speed like he did in college but judging from the clip he does have good field vision.

the odds are stacked against Hall experiencing any kind of success (especially since runningbacks are the most well known commodity of all the rookie positions), but stranger things have happened.