This is the end, my only friend

How miserable is the NFC? I think the Bucs are still in contention for a playoff spot. What's that, there not? Then I guess this would be their last game of the season. Which means it is most likely Mike Alstott's last game of the season.

Over the last week I've written a bunch about how much Alstott means to Tampa Bay. The lunch pail Pro Bowler the largely white fan base can easily identify with. Alstott has become part of the community which is even more rare in this era of free agency.

For those interested, here is my Sticks preview, and here is my Fanhouse preview.

A quick note, I will be on the blog until about 3, then I have to get ready for New Years Eve. So if your fortunate enough to make it out to the game, enjoy. If not feel free to join me here.


Ski said...

with 2:53 left to go in the 1st, the Bucs are having a lot of success running the ball. 66 rushing yards by the Bucs compared to 33 by the Hawks. the Hawks are having plenty of success passing the ball so Gruden needs to keep running the ball and limit the Hawks offensive possessions.

also Alstott has two carries for negative 2 yards.

Ski said...

I've said it before but it bears repeating J.C. Peterson and whomever Fox teams with him are horrible. These guys have broadcast half the Bucs game this year yet they are still surprised when the cannons go off when the Bucs get into the red zone. of course, that may have more to do with the Bucs offensive ineptitude than the announcers general ineptitude.

Ski said...

2 carries for Stovall = 29 yards.

3 carries for Alstott = -2 yards.

maybe the website should have been Give Maurice the Ball.com

T.K. said...

You really can't blame Gruden for the day Alstott had. The Seahawks obviously keyed in on Mike because Gruden gave him the ball enough for it to be apparent that Mike wasn't going to do anything with it, and because others (Pittman, Stovall) had much better success running the ball.

Ski said...

good point TK, you can't really blame Gruden for Alstott's performance. although now I hope the A-Train returns for one more season, just so he can get a proper send off.

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