Got Cash?

I've ignored this story partly because I was waiting for this picture to surface but mainly because I'm lazy. But then again the picture is pretty awesome.

As you've prob heard by now Simms has signed a two year contract with the Bucs, which, while not nearly as awesome as the shirt, is about the best Bucs fans could hope for. The Bucs didn't give up much for Simms, a $3 signing bonus with roughly $5 million in base salary plus another couple million in incentives. That's slightly more than what the Raiders paid Brooks (~$4 M a year) but slightly less than what Chad Pennington makes after he restructured his contract.

And who would the Bucs bring in if they didn't resign Simms? Gradkowski clearly can't get this team to the playoffs and Rattay's performance has been fool's gold. As good as I think Schaub is I don't think it's worth giving up a first round pick for him. And none of the rookies with the exception of Quinn look like they could start from day one in the NFL.

That being written I don't think Simms will still be in Tampa two years from now. A deep ball thrower he doesn't fit Gruden's west coast offense. If Gruden really wanted Simms he would have pushed for a three or four year deal. Instead I get the feeling Gruden will draft another quarterback either this year or next with a high draft pick. Truth be told the idea of drafting Jamarcus Russell is starting grow on me and then using some of that cap room to bring in a defensive player in addition to drafting a couple of defensive players in the first round. Restock the defense and add the quarterback for the future. I don't think the Bucs need much to get back to the top of the division.

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