Bets Bucs Gameday Thread (with a slight delay)

Had some things to take care of this morning so I came in about halfway through the first quarter. My Fanhouse preview can be found here.

The Bucs have six points on the board which they owe entirely to the runningbacks, o-line and kicker. Pittman, Cadillac and Alstott have all the Bucs rushing and receiving yards as of right now.

A good job by the announcing crew to point out how the Bucs have adjusted to the Vick-Dunn option by shadowing the two players with a Ryan Nece and Shelton Quarles. The way to beat this is to run a quick slant to the space vacated by Nece on the outside, let's see if the Falcons do that on offense.

And Philip Buchanon finally makes the nickel cornerback competition interesting with an interception in the end zone. Buchanon has tons of talent but has looked dreadful since he entered the league and, until today, has done nothing for the Bucs.

With the Falcons second touchdown this game has become reminescent of the Monday Night Panthers game where the Bucs played hard and took the lead in the first half and then saw their game fall apart in the second half. In each of these games the Bucs failed to score touchdowns in the first half.

Jim Mora says the last book he's read is Webster's Dictionary. Apparently the Zebra did it.


Big Pauly said...

Yesterday's game was a clear example of why I believe Jon Gruden needs to be terminated as head coach, but probably won't, thanks to the sleep-walking Glazers.

Did you hear Moose Johnston rip Gruden on the air when Gruden put Tim Rattay in at QB? According to Johnston, Gruden swore up and down that Gradkowski was his guy, and seeing Rattay in the game, Johnston said he'd never trust anything Gruden says again.

Makes me wonder who else has Jon boy lied to. His players? No doubt in my mind. If the players and coach can't trust each other, it's a bad combination.

Then again, maybe Gruden will do us all a favor and step down...perhaps go coach at some Division II school that probably could use his services.

Ski said...

there's a big difference between lying to a couple of 2 bit announcers and lying to your players. plenty of coaches lie to the media (parcells and bellichick come to mind). i haven't seen anything that would even suggest gruden has lied to his players, just the opposite, earlier this week gruden put his players (especially grads) on notice that if they continued to play poorly they would be replaced.

gruden has made his fair share of mistakes this season but he also has not had the weapons a coach needs to win. i blame the bucs losing more on the lack of talent through out the season than on the coaching staff (although the coaching staff, sans Monte, deserves a good deal of blame)

JohnnyFB said...

Hey guys...

I've been on this site a couple times before, and i just wanted to drop a quick news tip in. Apparently Chris Simms is doing some sort of PR appearance for AirPlay tonight during the Monday Night Football - they run a play-prediction game for your cell phone. Nice to see that the guy is still getting some work with the injury problems.