Good news, and more good news

The "Give Mike the Ball" website petition has grown to over 1300 in roughly four days, including Ian Beckles (615) and at least a couple dozen season ticket holders. This site is blowing up, which is a testament to how much the A-Train means to Tampa Bay. So much love from this site to GiveMikeTheBall.com.

Second, proving my girlfriend is correct, I do have the mentally of an eight year old, look who supports giving Alstott the ball...


John F. said...

2015 as of Saturday night.

Colleen said...

I've gotta show my husband this blog - he was at the game in Chicago today!

I've got two blogs focusing on Tampa and Florida - any interest in a link exchange?

Ski said...

at some point in the future I'll have an interview up with the guy behind the website, most likely at the Fanhouse.

colleen, I'm not adding any blog linkg right now, but are you familiar with TampaBLAB or Sticks of Fire? they're both pretty good resources for getting the word out about your blog

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Good times.

(I also have the mentality of a teenaged boy)

sinecure714 said...
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sinecure714 said...

Hehe....you got me.

Proof that drinking and updating your website do not mix!

Go Bucs!!
Give Mike The Ball!!

Dwayne Scranton