Meet Deena Martin, the new face of Buccaneer fans

For the longest time Big Nasty has been the face of Buccaneer fans every where, and quite the intimidating face he has been.

But now, because of an independent film maker, Buccaneer fans are about to be given a new face. Tim Carr is making a mockumentry about Ryan Leaf (for real, click here for the movie preview), and he is using actors to portray fans.

Carr has also cast actors to play hardcore football fans whose memories of Leaf represent “the conscience of each team’s fans.” Keith Bullard, who earned favorable reviews in the 2003 comedy The Negro Zone, plays the San Diego fan. Deena Martin (Simone from Dazed and Confused, Christy from Swingers) plays the Tampa Bay fan.

Which means the "skank-shift" cocktail waitress from Swingers will be the new face of Buccaneer fandom. It's actually fairly apropo, seeing as how Deena Martin's career was about as long as Leaf's career with the Bucs.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I don't know if I should be horrified or excited to see this movie.


Ski said...


we could be witnesses to the birth of a classic movie; more epic than the Godfather movies, more dramatic than Raging Bull, more bad passes than The Night at the Roxberry.

Anonymous said...

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