Covering BCS Coverage

It's the Monday after the National Championship game selection and, as could be expected, there is plenty of uproar and jubilation from Michigan and Florida. And as always the partisan blogs are, well....the most partisan.

EDSBS (the super foxy Gators blog) has been bathing in the BCS Seal of Approval while simultaneously throwing mud at Michigan fans with their list of Ten Reasons Michigan Should Be Happy....

8. Hypothetical contrasts highlight UM erudition in flattering way. Pissed-off, highly literate Michigan fans likely to only leave 10,000 word retorts in little read tweedy rags like The New Republic and The New York Times. Ohio State fans, if in same situation, would leave flaming bags of poo on Gator doorsteps.

True to form Braves and Birds (run by a Michigan grad) pens a small novel on why Michigan deserved the BCS nod over Florida....

What I think is really going on is a classic illustration of recency. Florida played last and played well and that's all the voters remember. After the Michigan-Ohio State game, a number of writers poured forward to say that they had not been in favor of a rematch before, but after seeing Michigan and Ohio State stand toe-to-toe and trade blows, they had changed their minds.

Birds and Braves spends 2,000 words arguing for why Michigan should have won the beauty contest against Florida, then changes his tune and writes he's in favor of a playoff system. Not many people have raised this point, but the current result is the closest thing to a playoff, with the OSU-UM and UF-ARK games resembling a Final Four (of sorts).

The last three or four weeks of the regular season have become the de facto playoffs. And if you're a supporter of the a playoff system then you also have to accept the fact that the best team doesn't always win the championship. The NCAA Basketball Tournament has proven this fact multiple times.

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