Who would you rather have on your team?

Dan Marino or Steve Young?

I'm stealing this topic from yesterday's PTI but since I was watching it at a bar I have no idea what the guys where saying.

I would have to go with Marino, even though the knock on him is that he never won a Super Bowl. To borrow a quote about Chris Carter, all Marino did was throw touchdowns. The guy never had Jerry Rice to throw to, he didn't inherit a championship team.

Watching the Dan Marino top ten plays yesterday the one thing that struck me is the number of times he would throw for 450 yards and six touchdowns but still lose the game. If your team is putting up over 30 points and you're still losing the game, all the blame should be directed towards the defense.

I like Young, and I enjoy watching a scrambling left handed quarterback, but he had much a better team than Marino. Plus, he's another former Bucs quarterback who went on to win a Super Bowl after the left the Bucs (not that I'm bitter).

In other news I had planned to wake up at 5 this morning to watch the first preseason game, the American Bowl in Tokyo. I was gonna live blog the game and everything, but I once the alarm went off I immediately regretted the decision. So let's just say that was another failed idea in the short history of this blog.

Right now I am watching the Packers-Bills scrimmage on NFL Network, and the most amusing aspect of the scrimmage is that on the kick returns they play two-hand touch instead of tackle. The rest of the game they play tackle but just on the kick returns they go two-hand touch, which is for the safety of the kick returner. The Packers look really sloppy on defense on the first drive, but that could be just because this is the least important game they play all season.

On a side note, how dumb of a move was it for the Packers to fire their defensive coordinator two seasons ago after 4th and 26 against the Eagles in the playoffs? Sure somebody had to be blamed for that colossal fuck-up, but it was clearly the secodary's fault, the linebackers were playing in no-man's land, too far away to rush McNabb, but not far enough back to to defend a first down pass. Anyway, the fired Packers coordinator goes on to lead the dubious Falcons defense to the NFC championship game and now everyone thinks the Falcons have a top fifteen defense. Not the best move by Green Bay and yet another example why the Packers are gonna struggle this year.

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