Have no fear, the captain is here

Captain Morgan

No, not that Captain, this one . . .
Captain Fear

If the Brian Griese goes down with an injury the Bucs have a gunslinger on the sidelines to help them out. Halfway through Monday's practice Griese lobbed a pass at the Buc's muscular mascot (am I the only one picturing a scene from Waterboy?), and Captain Fear surprised everyone by not only catching the ball, but throwing a 50 yard spiral pass back to Griese.

"He's got a good arm, doesn't he?" Griese said. "He threw it a little bit better than me. I might have a little job security problem. He threw it at least 50 yards in the suit. Out of the suit, that translates to about 70 yards."

Hehe, Griese's only kidding, right? Right?!

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