The Rundown

Plenty of things to cover this Monday morning, including which offensive linemen are impressing Gruden and the latest nicknames for all the runningbacks not named Carnell Williams.

  • Anthony Davis has been one of the few bright spots for the Bucs o-line this preseason. Orginally slated to backup Derrick Deese at left tackle, Davis played a significant amount of time at left guard during Friday night's game against Tennessee. While Kenyatta Walker took most of the snaps at left tackle Friday night for the injured Derrick Deese, Davis is the guy you can expect to see starting at left tackle when the regular season starts. Offensive line coach Bill Muir has been trying to build more versatility into the line, and Davis play at left guard is an example of that versatility that will help the Bucs late in the season.

  • Gruden is trying out something new this preseason to motivate his younger players, and make camp more interesting for the veterans. Gruden has been handing out stickers to guys who make big plays in preseason games, a la the tomahawks on FSU's helmets or the buckeyes on Ohio State's helmets. So far the biggest recepients of the skull and swords stickers have been Davis, Ernest Graham and Paris Warren. I think this is a pretty cool idea simply from the college throwback angle, but it also makes camp more interesting for all the players involved. Which is a bigger deal when you remember how boring camp can be for veteran players. But don't expect to see the stickers in any of the preseason games, NFL regulations say the stickers have to be taken off for any exhibition game.


  • Offensive lineman Scott Jackson also impressed coaches by taking snaps at center despite having a broken left hand.

  • Fullback Rick Razzano should return this week from a torn hamstring that has prevented him from practicing most of camp. I look forward to Razzano getting reps in the training camp since the guy seems like the true fullbacks the Bucs need to open holes for Carnell Williams.

  • Speaking of Carnell Williams Gruden has come up with nicknames for some of the other runningbacks on the team. "We've got Earnest 'Dodge Ram' Graham, Ian 'Go-Cart' Smart and Derek 'Datsun' Watson back there, too," Gruden said. "Those guys filled in for our Cadillac on Friday night and did good things." Ouch, Derek "Datson" Williams? Go-Cart Smart? Yeah, I don't see those nicknames catching on quite like Cadillac did.


NFL Adam said...

How much rope do you suppose Gruden has left? Do you have to do the Sports Guy's five-year waiting period?

Ski said...

I'd give him this season, then one more.

Some in the national media have tried to make the argument that Bucs fans are calling for Gruden's head if he has another losing season, but most fans realize the Bucs are rebuilding this season.

They should be competitive in 2006 when (knock on wood) their o-line has time to gel and they have more young players on the defense.

And adam, I like the Hater Nation, one of the funnier blogs I've seen.