Turning to the Blackie Weather Report . . .

It looks like the storm is going to turn farther south than originally thought, which should allow the Buc's charter plane to leave Tampa International Airport around 4 this afternoon. Hurricane Katrina has officially moved into the Gulf of Mexico, which will most likely spell trouble for residents of the panhandle.

Katrina dropped up to 15 inches of rain on the Miami-Dade area, and resulted in the deaths of four people hit by fallen trees. The storm also left 1.3 million people without power.

Considering all the rain that has fallen on Miami in the last 24 hours, and considering that the weather forecast for tomorrow is a sixty percent chance of rain, there's a real good chance Pro Player Stadium is going to more closely resemble a swamp than a field. Based on personal experience I can tell you it is incredibly difficult to run on a water-logged field. Mud sticks to your cleats and it is almost impossible to plant your feet when you are trying to make a quick turn. Depending on what condition the grass is in, it can almost be like playing on ice. Gruden has said the weather won't affect his rotation of players.

Also, before anyone goes all Milton Bradley on me, I have plenty of black friends.


Scott said...

I always thought it was the "Black-U-Weather" forecast. Like "Accu-weather" but, you know... black.

Also, the use of the word "blackie" in this post will prohibit you from hosting any blog championship games.

Ski said...

That's what I though also but I checked it out on the internet and it turned out to be blackie, although that may be wrong.

Either way I'm on the express train to hell, or at leat a long purgatory.