T.O. is a liar

I reported a while back that T.O. had signed an injury waiver before the Super Bowl. As everyone knows most people did not expect T.O. to be medically ready to play in the Super Bowl since his injury had not fully healed. Last night T.O. reiterated his comments on ESPN.

"What really has me mad is that I feel I'm being disrespected," Owens said during an ESPN interview last night. "Everybody is saying I'm not putting the team first. I rehabbed my butt off for 61/2, 7 weeks for the team. Nobody knows that I had to sign a secret waiver to relieve them from any liability just in case I got hurt in that game."

But T.O.'s former agent and Eagles president Joe Banner are both saying that is not true according to a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"That's absolutely not true," Eagles president Joe Banner said when asked about Owens' waiver statement. "We never discussed it with him. The funny part is, we discussed it internally, but we decided that if he was willing to take the risk to try to win the Super Bowl, then we should be willing to take the same risk."

It looks like T.O. may have had to sign a medical waiver with the surgeon who put the screws in his ankle, since the doctor refused to clear him medically to play. Either way T.O. can now be called a liar in addition to being a spoiled crybaby.

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