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I was planning on writing an article about which current players could make it into the Hall of Fame, but then Dr. Z at SI.com beat me to the punch. I'm not going to try and top what Dr. Z wrote since few people know the NFL better than he does. My only problem with Dr. Z's list is that he leaves out Tony Gonzalez, a five time Pro Bowler who has redefined the tight end position.

Dr. Z thinks Brooks is a lock, but doesn't believe Lynch and Sapp stand as good of a chance to get into Canton.
Aeneas Williams and Derrick Brooks -- Long and meritorious service at corner and outside linebacker, respectively.

John Lynch -- He has a shot because he's been so popular with the writers, i.e., selectors. Who said that being a nice guy didn't hurt?

Warren Sapp -- I won't vote for him. I know that other people will. I thought after Sapp's first few years that he'd be one of the greatest who ever lived. Unfortunately he didn't maintain the pace, but he's quotable and popular.

And as long as two of the greatest quarterbacks in the modern era are retiring another list worth considering is the greatest current quarterbacks. Just allow me a few disclaimers before I show the list, I literally thought this up while writing this post so there is a good chance I missed somebody. I'm not including guys who played before the modern era (which begins with the NFL-AFL merger in 1970), so guys like Johnny Unitas and Bart Starr will not be included. I also won't include guys like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady who still have a lot of their careers in front of them.
  1. Joe Montana
  2. Dan Marino
  3. John Elway
  4. Brett Favre
  5. Steve Young
  6. Terry Bradshaw
  7. Jim Kelly
  8. Troy Aikman
  9. Bob Griese
  10. Warren Moon

Anyway, congrats to this years Hall of Fame inductees; Benny Friedman, Steve Young, Fritz Pollard, and David Hasselhoff, erghh . . . Dan Marino.

Dan Marino

and David Hasselhoff . . . seperated at birth?

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