How 'bout them kickers?

Martin Gramatica

If you're like me, you could care less about a couple of Manchester United rejects who couldn't tackle a guy if their salary depended on it (a la Gramatica in '99 playoffs against the 'Skins). But you have to admit the guys do have a tough job, no one wants to hang out with them and the only time you notice them is when they screw up.

And the Bucs have two guys right now competing for the starting kicker job, and who ever ends up in second place is getting a pink slip. Both journeyman kicker Matt Bryant (who played for three teams last season) and NFL Europe star Todd "I'm not French" France are battling for the position, and well . . . I won't say its been ugly but rumor is Gruden was asking around for Bill Gramatica's number.

Both kickers have looked good when they are running normal kicking drills, but as soon as Gruden turns the pressure up a notch both guys have fallen apart. But from what I've read Bryant has looked worse than France, so France could end up making the team by default. For a team that was tied for last in field goal efficiency last season, the Bucs desperately need somebody to step up and make some kicks. And if either one of them wants a job they better step up 'cause neither one of these guys is about to make the team as a backup linebacker.

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