"This is our Tsunami"

There has been plenty going on in the football world, but before I touch on all news Buc-related I'm going to spend a few words on the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina.

Early reports were that New Orleans had been saved from the brunt of the storm, but now it appears the exact opposite is true. Thousands of people have been left homeless, and at least a hundred people have died, with both numbers likely to climb as reports slowly begin to filter back from an area that looks more like a war zone than a booming metropolis.

As has been constantly reported in the media, New Orleans lies below sea level and depended on a series of dams, levies and pumps to keep from completly submerging. With the approach of the storm and the loss of power, it appears these protections have failed, as nearby Lake Pontchartrain has flooded the city. This may not be a worst-case scenario for New Orleans but it is pretty damn close. Judging from early reports it will take years to repair the damage to the city.

If you want to, here is a link to donate to the Red Cross.

The Saints have sought refuge in California, and have been practicing at San Jose State University the last couple of days. They still do not know when they can return to New Orleans and when they can play in a damaged Superdome.

In Bucs news, NFL rosters had to be trimmed to 65 players by 4 this afternoon. The final round of roster cuts is on Sunday when rosters are trimmed to 53 players. The St. Pete Times is saying that runningback Ian Smart will be cut, but other than that as of posting this, nobody outside of One Buc Place knows who has been cut.

In Falcons news, much heralded receiver Peerless Price has been cut. I honestly don't know if this was because he just plain sucked, because Vick is a horrible passing quarterback or because he was just too much money for a fourth receiver. Probably some combination of all three.

In Panthers news, Clark Judge at SI.com likes Carolina to win the division and possibly go to the Super Bowl. Starting tomorrow, I will begin releasing my conference previews but I also like Carolina this year.

Finally, it has become almost cliche to mention it, but my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this tragedy. As Floridians, we understand all to well the potential devastation of a hurricane. May everyone you know and care for be safe and sound.

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