Another O-Lineman Injured

Left guard Matt Stinchcomb joins left tackle Derrick Deese and right tackle Kenyatta Walker on the injured list because of lower back strain. That means a rookie selected in the fourth round, Dan Buenning, will fill in for Stinchcomb at left guard.

Right now the Bucs o-line looks like it could be worse than it was last year. Second string rookie right tackle Chris Colmer has looked so bad that Jeb Terry, who was projected to start at right guard has been moved to right tackle. And with so many starters injured backups at one position have become starters at another position.

The only guy on the o-line who the Bucs can depend on right now is center John Wade, who looked like the best o-lineman last season. But the teams needs Wade, who is recovering from off-season surgery to stay healthy, because his backup, Sean Mahan, has been moved to starting right guard.

Deese looks like he has the worst injury, and he could potentially miss almost the entire season again. Hopefully, Walker will return from injury soon, and the Bucs can regain some depth on the right side of the line they so desperately need. Here is how I see the Bucs offensive line shaking out by the time the season starts.

LT- Anthony Davis, backed up Todd Steussie (Deese will retake the starting job when he returns from injury)
LG- Matt Stinchcomb, backed up by Dan Buenning (expect rookie Buenning to get plenty of pt)
C- John Wade, backed up Sean Mahan
RG- Jeb Terry, backed up by Sean Mahan
RT- Kenyatta Walker, backed up by Jeb Terry (rookie Chris Colmer has played poorly in training camp and I would be surprised to see him get much pt this season)

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