It's Week 13

....so all the Falcons bloggers must have given up on their team.

Falcons Daily hasn't posted in a month. And his last post is on how Vick has attained greatness.

The Falcons are now tied for first place in the south with both the Bucs and the Panties lookin bad. If #7 continues to play like this, the south could be a cake walk to the finish for our Falcons. We can't let up though, the Lions game is big, so lets make it happen.

How'd that Lions game work out again?

Let's take a look at the misnamed Vick for MVP blog, or let's not since it hasn't been updated since the Bucs game in week two.

In fact, the only Atlanta blog to even take any kind of a look at the train wreck that is the Falcons is Birds and Braves, which is typically too wrapped up in college football to even acknowledge the pros. Although Michael's last post on the Falcons sheds more light on the team than the two above blogs can ever hope to do.

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