Savoring my opponents sweet tears of failure

You know what my favorite episode of South Park is, the one where Cartman tricks the kid into eating his parents. In a final act of revenge Cartman has the Scot Tenorman's parents killed, then Cartman grinds them up into chili which he serves to Scot Tenorman. In a final coup de grace Radiohead mocks Scot Tenorman for crying while Cartman savors his opponents sweet tears.

Jack Kogod, aka Unsilent Majority from the transcendent Kissing Suzy Kolber, was good enough to fulfill his end of the wager, giving us Five Reasons the Bucs are Better than the Skins.

Well I lost the hell out of that bet, and now I have to come up with five reasons the putrid Bucs are better than the resplendent Skins. Clearly I've picked the wrong week to quit absinthe. Let's get on with the subjugation.

Read on if you enjoy your opponent's humiliation as much as I do.

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