Two weeks later and the Bucs still suck

I have a bit of a mea culpa on my part, I have been absent from the internets the past two weeks to the point that I was a few days away from being canned from the AOL gig. But with election day coming and going (you might have seen me outside a polling station in Great Falls yesterday) I should finally be able to go back to wasting my time blogging. So for the record, that's a victory for me and another victory for you.

I was able to find the time to watch the Second Saints Debacle although to be honest I spent more time trying to figure out if our cute (but not hot) waitress was Russian or Irish. Again, for the record, she was Russian.

The game reaffirms my belief that Colston has been as valuable (if not more so) than Reggie Bush. And I don't think Colston is a flash in the pan since he's relied on good route running and using his body to get position. He's not one of these quick, undisciplined receivers (i.e Santonio Holmes or Donte Stallworth) who have become the soup de jour.

Like minds may disagree but Grads is not the answer at quarterback. He makes good decision with the ball, and is mobile enough to move the chains on third down but he struggles throwing the deep ball (although I did miss large portions of the Saints game so I may have missed something here). Grads is essentially a Shaun King with better decision making.

Is Cadillac injured or has Gruden completely abandoned the running game? 12 carries for the Caddy last weekend. 8 the week before in the loss to the Giants. In the Bucs two wins Caddy had 23 and 19 carries.

And I haven't even touched on the pitiful state of the once mighty defense. Over the next couple of days I should have plenty of posts on here and the Fanhouse (and the Sticks!) including 5 Reasons the Saints are Better than the Bucs, the Midseason Report and a preview of the Bucs Monday Night game against the Panthers.


JohnnyFB said...

Honestly, this has been one of Gruden's problems since he was back at Oakland - he can't run a solid running game. Sure, he revitalized the three-step drop and made Jeff George a QB again in Oakland, but where was the running game?

I've been watching these TB games while playing my new live-time play-prediction game on my cell phone, and Gruden makes me want to throw my phone at the wall.

Speaking of throwing, anyone know what Simms is doing these days?

Ski said...

regarding what Simms has been doing these days....watching his future contract steadily increase as Grads continues to shit the bed.