Revisiting the Thanksgiving Day Massacre

With the exception of the Bucs game (more on that later), one could not have asked for a more relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. There is nothing like mocking my friends who are heading home to Jersey and Ohio for the holidays. Instead of spending my Thanksgiving inside huddling for warmth, I was outside playing disc golf (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite pseudo-sports, up there with beer pong and bowling). I played two courses for the first time, Cliff Stephens in Clearwater and Maximo in St Pete. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses (with a slight edge to Maximo) although I was surprised by the number of former Deadheads who took the sport seriously. It seemed like every other person on the course, despite not owning a shirt, had a golf push cart converted into a frisbee carrier.

Switching gears, there's not a whole lot to say about the Bucs loss that hasn't already been written by Buccaneer Harbour. Gradkowski is not the answer at quarterback that I hap hoped for seven weeks ago. Bruce has misfired on most of his deep passes and has ten turnovers in four weeks. Simms will be a free agent in the offseason and Bruce Allen will be under a lot of pressure to resign him. Simms makes plenty of mistakes but at least he gives you the big plays. Unlike Buccaneer Harbor, I don't think bringing Favre in is an option.

At least when the Bucs are strugggggling, there is always Vick to make fun of. Much like I predicted at the beginning of the season the Falcons are falling apart (although that's not exactly going out on a limb on my part). For all the talk about how much of a warrior and a leader Vick is, do you Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would give their own fans the one finger salute? You stay classy Vick.

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