Best Bucs Gameday Thread: Thanksgiving Edition

It's a special Thanksgiving edition of the Gameday Thread. Which is essentially an excuse for me to post pictures of bacon-wrapped Turducken, which might be on the of the greatest inventions of mankind along with the wheel and BBQ sauce. Just remember, everything's better with bacon.

You can find my Sticks preview here, and my Fanhouse preview here.

At stake in today's game, the highly coveted Galloping Gobbler. How is this better than six-legged Turducken? Now maybe if you added bacon to the trophy it would be better.

Perfect timing, just as I finish dinner the game is about to start. And the Bucs are not wearing their retro jerseys. I knew there was a 99% chance this would not happen, but still, it would be cool if they did.

Two ugly deep balls by Grads, Simms will definitely be the starter next season.

Two mistakes by the Bucs on the second Dallas touchdown. First mistake, they should have stacked a man on top of Glenn instead of giving him a 10 yard cushion on the goal line. Second, they should have called for an instant replay, Glenn was a foot short on the end zone.

Make that three underthrown deep balls by Grads.

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