Best Bucs Gameday Thread

Two previews for your enjoyment, Fanhouse here, and Sticks here. All my Virginian/DC readers will recognize a theme in both posts. A hint for all you Floridians, Macaca is the key word.

Ode On A Floridian Run(-ner), Earnest the Poet. Yet another reason to like the former Gator back.

Another hint, the father of the man below coached the Skins. His brother is the Bucs GM.

Game Recap: Memo to Gruden, this is what happens when you commit to the running game. Cadillac, 122 yards. Alstott 28 yards, Pittman 17 yards. Alstott did an excellent job of softening the defense for Cadillac, and Pittman stepped in when Cadillac needed a breather. It's no coincedence that Grads had a strong game (178 yards, 2 TDs, 1 int).

To recap the recap, a strong rushing attack makes things easier for the rookie quarterback.

Walking Wounded: Good news and bad news for the upcoming Turkeyday Game. The bad news first, Alex Smith tweaked his right ankle and could miss the Dallas game. The good news, Juran Bolden also injured his ankle and could be unable to play on Thursday, which would allow rookie Zemaitis to see his first extended game time of the season.


Ben Folsom said...

Game over, Bucs win 20-17. Grunden's team beats up on the Redskins defense. Like that was a challenge. Bet he feels like a biiiiiiig man. Let's welcome the Macacaskins to Tampa and the real world of the NFL.

Ski said...

thaaaaaanks (I guess)

Anonymous said...

the running game worked cos we got a lead, and caddy actually made some plays.

i dont get the crazy hate for bolden, it should be directed at cox, who will get murdered my TO