Ronde Ties Buc Record

I over looked this last night but Ronde Barber recorded his 31st career interception tying him with Donnie Abraham all time. The above picture is fitting in so many ways, thie first being the juxtaposition of Ronde and Brooks, two of the original cornerstones of a Once Great Defense. One man has seen his star rise this season, while the former has been largely absent from the ink sheets.

While the decsion to keep Ronde around for another couple of years looks like it will pay off, would it be wise to bring in a replacement for Brooks in the offseason? I love Brooks but he has relied on his speed (whereas Ronde has always seen his speed as an obstacle to be overcome). Can Brooks learn to play half a step slower, and more importantly, can the defense learn to play with a Brooks who has lost an extra gear?

The Ravens overcame the same problem with Ray Lewis by surrounding him with talent to cover up his deficiencies. Could the same solution work for the Bucs?

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