Still reveling in yesterday's victory

...and Donovan McNabb's choke-job.

This is the definition of tooting my own horn, but much like Thomas Edison I am open to attacks of shameless self promotion. Before the Eagles game I wrote such a prophetic statement it's accuracy is matched only by an atomic clock and/or Nostradamus.

Donovan McNabb may be the hottest thing since flash pants but Bruce Gradkowski is the coldest quarterback since the Cryogenian Era. Gradkowski doesn't have ice water running through his veins, he has sub-zero glacial H2O. If I needed a quarterback to rack up stats in garbage time I would turn to McNabb, if I needed to win a game Gradkowski is the man.
Kneel before Zod.

But in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, I feel obliged to mention the St Pete Times Bucshotz (which I originally clicked on in a case of mistaken identity/trademark infringement[?]), which provides us with the worst reason to own HD TV. (Hint: the reason is not Eva Longoria.)

Hey, it's Eva Longoria....in a bikini!


Scott said...

How long has that..... Eva......

What? Oh, sorry. How long has that Times feature been around? I can't find any entries prior to September of this year. I think I was first.

Ski said...

not sure, only noticed it for the first time last week