I'll Take It

It was ugly. It was questionable. I'm not all that sure it was legitimate. But it was win, and I'll take it.


Ski said...

a hell of a game today, especially since it was the first game i was able to attend this season.

my quick recap is up at the Fanhouse.

a random observation from the game, why did the stadium P.A. guys play "Welcome the Jungle" when the Bengals had the ball? "Welcome to the Jungle" is the Bengals stadium anthem much like "Crazy Train" belongs to the Bucs. Do you think it's a coincedence the Bengals scored their only touchdown after "Welcome to the Jungle" was played?

and We Dey, We Dey.

John F. said...

What pissed me off the most on that last drive was Jon Gruden calling pass-pass-pass-pass-pass (etc). You have 2 minutes to play and roughly 20 yards to clear... You do not want to score and have much time left on the clock when it happens... (OK, that was the case after the Bucs botched there way to the 4th-and-3 situation that Clayton scored on).

Williams had a good game, and this was an Alstott zone. Why didn't either RB come up with a touch in that situation? With the game that close -- you don't risk turn overs and don't screw up managing the clock by throwing over and over again. This was not an 80 yard drive in 2 minutes.

Oh well, my argument and anger is moot... They win (arguably)

T.K. said...

Honestly, I don't see why the win was so arguable. Clayton caught the ball cleanly, got both feet down, made a football move by stretching for the end zone, and broke the plane of the goal line before the ground caused him to lose his grip. That's a touchdown, every time. Only thing that gave me pause is the fact we've been wrongly burned by replay more often than not!

I'll take this one in a flash, and now I'm pumped for next week, because for the first time in years, the evil Eagles are comin' to the Ship.