Not a good time to be a Bucs fan. The team has had it's fair share of WTF? moments brought to light in the past week.

First, Simms turned down a 5 year, $10 M extension last offseason.

Then, Scott brings up the fact that the Bucs would be better with SUPER BOWL MVP DEXTER JACKSON. (Although in the Bucs defense Jermaine Phillips not Will Allen has been the problem in the secondary.)

And now Deadspin is poking fun at the Buccaneer.com intro, which has always been fairly atrocious, and which this site has ignored much like your family ignores that one uncle who drinks a bit too much and makes off-color jokes.

There's just something mean-spirited about kicking a fanbase when they're down.

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The Professor said...

The comments section of the deadspin article were especially harsh...as a deadspin commentor I couldnt even say anything because most of the jokes were well-deserved