I Hate the NCAA

This is what college football has come to, picking on Division 1-AA teams better known for their academics than their athletics. (Note: this has nothing to do with the Bucs but since this involves my alma mater and this is my soapbox I'm writing on it anyway.)

The results of the NCAA's ban on "offensive" Native American mascots are as pathetic as they were predictable. Rich schools such as FSU were able to bribe the local tribe to okay their use of the Seminole mascot, while more impoverished schools are forced to drop such "offensive" mascots such as this...

2 feathers. The NCAA's supposedly hard line stance against "offensive images" has taken it's victim. Shame on you William and Mary for daring to insult Native Americans with your two feathers. Never mind that W&M was originally an Indian school. Job well done NCAA.


Jeff said...

But they can still be called the "Tribe".
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

The NCAA is really farked up.

Ski said...

apparently Tribe is vague enough to not be offensive but two feathers are, go figure

Scott said...

Then I demand the Phildelphia Eagles change the logo on their helmets.

gnorb said...

Hmm... IIRC, FSU's been working with the Seminole tribe for a while already. Still, not being a Seminole myself, I can't talk either way on the matter. On one hand it's "insulting to the tribe", on the other, the tribe said "it's ok". Maybe all those casinos finally taught them that everything's for sale.

Of course, if there was a team called "The Puerto Ricans" with Juan Ponce de Leon as their mascot, I'm not sure I'd be all that insulted. Unless of course their nickname was "the Spics", then yes, I'd have to punch someone out for that.

That said, policies like this are usually liberal bull crap, but what do I know.

Also, Ski -- William and Mary? Nice. You never worked for the CIA or NSA, did ya?

Ski said...

CIA or NSA? nope (although I couldn't tell you if I did)