The Pollyanna Post

You may make fun of me and call me dreamer, but I thought the Bucs looked pretty good yesterday.

At least in the first three quarters.

But really, I thought Gradkowski played pretty well. ESPECIALLY for his first NFL game. I mean, did you see that crazy pass to Galloway? Nice.

I think I have actually regained some hope.

These aren't the Bucs of old. Our defense is not quite the same, but the offense looks pretty good. I know! I am as surprised as you are. But isn't it a pleasant surprise?

Think about it. The teams the Bucs have played so far have a combined 12 - 4 record. That isn't bad, especially when you consider that three of those losses were to each other.

I guess the bad news is that the schedule doesn't get any easier.

But I digress. I am going to be positive this week. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Bruce Gradkowski was going to Rob Johnson us, but he didn't. He looked good, Galloway looked fantastic and Cadillac ran well. I'm sticking with that all week.

Come on. We need to hang on to something.


Ski said...

for all the Bush love going on the best rookie in Sunday's game was Gradkowski. Bush strikes me as a rich man's Dante Hall, great returner and decent receiver but not an everydown back. Gradkowski, on the other hand, looks like the real deal.... possibly the second best quarterback in Florida....

after Golden God Tim Tebow of course...


Michael Tompkins said...

Joey Galloway and Cadillac are going to get on track now. Just get the ball in their hands. Given I haven't seen a Bucs game this year. But it still seems like a legit plan.