And I thought Philly fans were bad

As some of you know, I have a running bet at the Fanhouse were each week I place a wager with the opposing team's blogger. I was on the losing end of every bet but still held up my end of the bargain. And when the Bucs finally broke into the win column this week I thought I could finally savor my opponent's come-uppance.

Except it looks like the Bengals blogger is going to welch on his bet, and when he was called out.....well, let's just call the Bengals fans for what they are, sore losers.

UPDATE: I've been fairly vacant around these parts lately but I plan on live blogging Sunday's game against the Eagles. Here's hoping the Eagles Fanhouse blogger doesn't pull a JD when the Bucs win.

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Scott said...

Same thing happened over at the Bengals message board. They talked a lot of shit during the week and I bet them an apology that the Bucs would win. Sunday night, they all blamed the refs and continued to declare that their team was better. Despite the score, of course.

Keep in mind that even if the roughing call never happened, Gradkowski was clearly down before the ball came loose. There would have been no fumble... just a loss of yardage. Hardly the game-changing event they're all making it out to be. Fucking crybabies.