Booger trade marks turning point

Mark this date: October 17, 2006. I hesitate to place too much emphasis on the Booger dumping but I think the trade will mark a turning point in the Bucs franchise. Not the same way hiring Gruden did but important nonetheless.

As good of a guy as he was (he did agree to restructure his salary last season) Booger never lived up to the expectations raised by Warren Sapp’s play (although that may have been impossible for anyone even Sapp to duplicate). When not injured Booger was underperforming on the field and being called out for his poor play by Gruden.

Dumping Booger signals that the Bucs have given up on the season, and plan on rebuilding an aging defense. Of the ten remaining starters on the defense, six of them are 30 years or older. And only one starter is under 25, Will Allen. The Bucs are badly in need of a talent infusion on the defensive side of the ball.

I have already publicly campaigned for Quenten Moses, the speedy defensive end out of Georgia. With Booger’s departure I will add Marcus Thomas, the next Warren Sapp right down to the marijuana suspension, to the list.

For now the Bucs have no depth at defensive tackle. Kiffin had been using a three man rotation at the position with Wyms spelling Hovan and Booger. Which means with Booger out seventh round rookie Julius Jenkins will see more playing time.


Scott said...

I just got done writing something on Booger on the TBO blog. Weird.

Anyway, you're right. The Bucs need to spend one of their 2nd round picks on a DT (I don't see a lot of value in the first round at that position.) Also, don't discount Jon Bradley too quickly. He had a good camp and has played well in the rotation when called upon.

Ski said...

kudos on Tribune post Scott, you even used numbers and everything to justify your argument, how very un-bloggerlike. why don't you link to your Tribune work from BucStats?

and although it's obviously too early to know where a player will go i like the idea of spending two early picks on the defensive line. building from the ball out has helped other struggling teams, notably the ravens d-line.