Best Bucs Gameday Thread

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Halftime thoughts:
Grads and the offense looks good, but the defense is playing like crap. Missing tackles is their number one problem, which is atypical for a Kiffin defense.

My quick recap is up. My quick recap on the quick recap, defense sticks but there's hope for the offense.

Final score: Saints 24, Bucs 21

A quick rant, what the hell happened to the defense? They either got really old really fast or Kiffin is doing something wrong. It's hard to believe that replacing two defensive coaches (Marinelli and Tomlin) would have this big of an impact. The Bucs missed tackles and looked unprepared against the Saints defense. But I guess it could be worse, nobody ruptured a spleen.

Random observation while watching the Sunday night game:
Good thing the Bucs didn't draft left tackle Marcus McNeill in the first round instead of Davin Joseph. 'Cause as Michael Lewis pointed out right guards are MUCH MORE VALUABLE than left tackles.


Douglas Scott S. said...

you should have your "sure to be wrong predictions" saints 40- bucs -14

and maybe that would jinx the saints and the bucs would win. maybe you should give it a shot next week, whoever tampa plays

Douglas Scott S. said...

and i think people are beginning to realize the saints have really improved and playing at NO may be one of the toughest away games on a teams schedule because of all the emotion there.

its gonna be a 3 team race, falcons have a tough stretch coming up so im pretty worried.