You stay classy Me-Shawn

Great find by Dave's Football Blog on Keyshawn Johnson's participation in the '92 L.A. race riots. When asked whether he took part in the looting Keyshawn's response was...

Yeah. We weren't raised in Beverly Hills with (silver) spoons in our mouth, or in the hills of North Carolina. It just doesn't work that way. It's a different life. You have to survive. That was part of survival. What we took, it wasn't so much a need. It was a want.

Digest that for a second. Keyshawn participated in criminal activity because he wanted to, NOT because he needed to. Keyshawn was born in 1972, so...(doing some mental math) he would have been roughly 20 when the riots/looting was taking place. He was just a few years away from becoming the number one pick in the draft. If he had been willing to wait he could have bought all of the stuff he ended up stealing.

Also in the article, Keyshawn still refuses to believe he was kicked off the Bucs (instead he was "deactivated") and he has been shot in the butt.

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