From around the League

- Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer tells Sports Illustrated that he is ahead of schedule in his rehab from a devastating knee injury in December. Palmer (or Snowflake as his teammate Chad Johnson calls him) plans on returning by September 10th for the Bengals first game from a MCL and ACL tears, injuries which typically take eight to twelve months to recover from. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis demands that Snowflake play at least two exhibition games before Snowflake can start the first game.

Of course, as my buddy Plugs has mentioned multiple times to me, Snowflake injured his non-planting leg so everything will be fine.

The Bucs play the Bengals in Week 6.

- Titans quarterback Steve McNair is one step closer to becoming a Raven. An arbitrator has ruled McNair should be allowed to use the Titans practice, which could spur the Titans into trading McNair lest he get injured working out.

The Ravens have full team minicamps until June 15, which means after the 15th the Ravens have little motivation to make a trade for McNair. If a deal is not completed by June 15 the Ravens would probably wait until July when the Titans would have to drop McNair to make salary cap room for their draft picks.

The Bucs play the Ravens in Week 1.

- Despite deserving it, 'Skins safety Sean Taylor avoided jail time for assault with a deadly weapon. Instead Taylor will have to pay 10 Miami inner city schools a $1,000 each and visit each school.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Miami?

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