The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Before we begin I have some breaking news to report, it appears journeyman quarterback Jay Fiedler will sign with the Bucs creating a three man race for the chance to sink the Bucs season should Chris Simms go down with injury. Tampa Bay would be Fiedler’s sixth team in 11 years.

At this point does it really matter which of the three backups is number two on the depth chart? Tim Rattay couldn’t beat out Alex Smith last season. Fiedler is Fiedler. And even if he is the next Marino, Gradkowski is still just a rookie.

And as good as he might be I’m still not sold on Simms. An inability to put up more than 7 points at home in the playoffs is a huge warning flag. Obviously Simms should get better the more time he has to learn Gruden’s offense, but he had three years to learn the offense before last season’s playoff debacle.

Has anyone else noticed the Bucs have started three different quarterbacks the last three seasons? Except for the o-line the quarterbacks have been a bigger mess than any other position. Gruden’s coaching has been the saving grace here. Look, I’m rooting for Simms and anyone else playing for the Bucs but unless the they can get more production from the quarterback position (especially considering the aging defense) the Bucs have no shot at the Super Bowl.

Hook 'em Chris

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