Who's ready for some futbol?

Unless you've been living under a rock...in a cave...with your hands over your ears you have noticed that the World Cup started today. A brief admission, a few months ago I felt much the same way about the World Cup that I felt about the Winter Olympics before they started, which could best be described in one question, "when does football season start?"

But unlike the Olympics I've come around on the World Cup, and am now eagerly awaiting the American's first match against the Czechs on Monday. I feel like the guy who admits to enjoying "Bridget Jones' Diary" when I write that, sure the World Cup is really good futbol but it's still futbol.

Anyway, Will described it best that the next month is like the first four days of March Madness for futbol fans...there are World Cup games on everyday. And a rare kudos to ESPN for having the commonsense to broadcast the games live.

And if you're looking to catch up on the sport, there are some good previews here, here and here.

Just for the record I did not enjoy "Bridget Jones' Diary", Bridget Jones on the other hand...

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