A.J. Nicholson has a big head

Remember the story about current Bengal and former Nole A.J. Nicholson breaking into his former teammate Lorenzo Booker's apartment? Well it just got better.

Turns out the FSU athletic department ran a series of roommate Q&A's with various players that lived together. And you guessed it, two of those players were A.J. Nicholson and Lorenzo Booker. What were some of the responses?

A.J. Nicholson's responses:
Why did you pick Lorenzo Booker to be your roommate?
It was cheap and I needed a place to stay. It was a great price for me.

Why would someone like to be Lorenzo's roommate?
I don't know. The only reason why I'm his roommate is because I got a good deal, but besides that, I don't know why someone would want to stay with him.

What's something someone would be surprised to find out about your roommate?
He'll eat up all your food. Watch him.

Lorenzo Booker's responses:
Why did you pick A.J. Nicholson to be your roommate?
I started out with him and I thought he was a cool guy and I hoped he didn't change.

If there was one thing that you would change about your roommate, what would it be?
His head is real big. When I sit down to watch T.V. his head is always in the way.

And I completely sympathize with A.J. Nicholson now. I've had those roommates in college who are always eating the last slice of pizza or leaving your emptied milk cartons in the fridge. Lorenzo Booker eating A.J.'s food totally justifies A.J. stealing a grands worth of electronics from Lorenzo.

(huge tip of the hat to the pewter report mb)

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