Oronde, Oronde, where art thou Oronde?

Despite misguided rumors to the opposite it appears Ronde Barber is no closer to signing an extension with the Bucs than he was a month ago. To recap, Barber is 31 and is signed up for another year.

While it is easy to say (as a fan) that Barber deserves his, especially after being underpaid, I can understand how difficult a decision this must be for Bruce Allen. Corners, much like runningbacks, lose much of their value after they hit 30 and it would be foolish to overpay Barber, especially since he would be considerably less valuable playing for another team that featured a man-to-man defense. Plus the Bucs have Zemaitis on the roster now.

On the flip side, this approach has hurt the Eagles ability to sign free agents since Philly has a reputation of dumping guys when they get to a certain age. The Bucs probably have not reached the Eagles level quite yet, but after the Sapp and Lynch jettisons Tampa is certainly treading dangerous waters.

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