Kudos for the Glazers

Normally you can tell a writer is struggling for material when they start making lists (i.e. SportsCentre's list of best pass defences, quarterbacking, fatest ESPN talkings heads, etc.), but hats off to Michael Silver for ranking some of the richest men involved in the NFL.

As they rightly should be the Glazers (god speed Papa Glazer) are ranked among the upper third of the owners. My only quibble with the list is a minor one, that the Glazers should be bumped up a notch considering they had the cojones to make the difficult yet necessary decision to dump Dungy for Gruden. And even if the Dungy firing still doesn't feel right, the results can hardly be argued with.

And as long as we're on the subject this seems as good a time as any to introduce this article which states the obvious: pro sports are not the best investment. While shedding little facts on the subject it does bring up the question of why an owner would get involved in pro sports considering the drain on the wallet. While I certainly can not read the Glazers' minds I'm guessing the above picture is also linked to the answer. Or, in sum...

Winners desire champions.

(tip of the hat to HSS and True Hoop)

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