HGH in football?

Besides being thoroughly entertaining, this Jason Grimsley story could do to HGH what Jose Canseco did to steroids. Before Canseco shed light on the subject, there was no steroid smoking gun. Then Congress got involved and MLB was forced to institute steroid testing.

So what does this have to do with football?

The NFL does not test for HGH. Actually, none of the pro sports leagues test for HGH since it is so difficult to detect. And honestly, I don't know enough about HGH to know if it is as effective or prevalent as steroids. But if HGH testing levels the playing field (although not necessarily equalizing the talent) while ensuring the player's safety I'm all for it.


Cutthroat Pirates said...


HGH is the real deal and it works. I know so many people using it, specially in my old profession (Law Enforcement). Yep, it is amazing who uses the stuff, cops, firefighters, docs, even high school football players.

I power lift and my last meet, I benched 405 clean no drugs no HGH, I squatted 500 clean, but the guys who I knew where on HGH benched in the 500’s and squatted 600-700 pounds ouch. This was all cops and firefighters too.

The closes thing I’ve taken to a steroid is Androstenedione or Andro as we all know it as. This stuff worked so good, it was missing one chemical that made it an illegal steroid, once ingested your liver produced the chemical it needed to work. This is why the FDA pulled it off the shelves. I used to buy it at GNC. Oh well.

HGH is the real stuff, but even if they pull it or test for it, some new chemist will just create some new form of it and call it something else.

Margo said...

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most common hormone in the pituitary gland, which is at the center of the human brain.

Anonymous said...

lots of players use HGH - Human Growth Hormone in football. they just dont get caught. they should try other natural supplements to stay after from the dangers.

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Billy said...

Any truth to the rumor that many ballplayers today are taking homeopathic hgh oral spray because it's safe, undetectable, and legal for over the counter sales? As time goes on it seems it might be considered as benign a performance enhancer as coffee, aspirin, chewing tobacco, and bubble gum.

Hgh Supplements said...

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Kelly said...

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