Pay $19+ K to meet Pittman

Even having been away for only a week there is plenty of news/Bucs-filler-until-training-camp-starts to cover. And even though I've been gone for a week my visits per day average has gone up which means either: 1.) I could post nothing but pictures of half-naked cheerleaders and be as effective or, 2.) most of my readers have the IQ of Ben Roethlisberger (rim shot!). Most likely it's some combination of the first two with a healthy dose of #3 (I'm an idiot) thrown in.

Scott has done an fine job of covering most of these stories in my absence, but I'll take this opportunity to add my own inane ramblings to the conversation.

In a follow up to a previous story, Michael Pittman has posted his crotch rocket on eBay but failed to sell the damn thing because bidding did not exceed his reserve. Come on people this is a chance to meet Pittman AND eventually donate your organs to a needy recipient. What are you waiting for?

The bigger surprise here is that Pittman has caved so quickly to his wife's demands, especially considering he once had a strong pimp hand (not that I'm saying that's a good thing). I understand Pittman has gotten more mature as he has aged but I'm sure there's a lesson here about always signing a prenup. Like Kanye's said, "I'm not saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't looking for no broke nigger."

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