Jesus Rays one step closer to being reality

Tampa Bay Devil Rays announce desire to change nickname to something less blasphemous.

Devil Rays president Matt Silverman said the team met a March 31 deadline to inform Major League Baseball it was considering the change. The Devil Rays have until May 31 to commit to a name change, which would take effect next season. After the home opener next week, the team will begin studying a potential name change and begin asking fans for ideas.

Hey GNorb, better get that list of yours ready.

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gnorb said...

Ahh, yes. My Jeebus Rays will soon be invading the shores of Tampa Bay, no doubt mutated beyond all recognition after getting through all the polution. Who knows, they might even mutate to a team that can play. (Hey, it worked for the Bucs, why not for the... uhm... Rays...)

Of course, once Travolta & Co. buy out part of the team we can expect to see the Tampa Bay Dianetics (of Clearwater) take the field in their new team colors: Red and Clear. (Now, won't that make for a helluva uniform?)

*Eye Eye, Captain Ski, readying the list...*