Reading the tea leaves

There's nothing more interesting than blind conjecture and here at the Best Bucs Blog we're always happy to keep you interested.

Charles Woodson's signing with the Brett Favre Packers makes it more likely the Bucs will draft a defensive back early. I've already mentioned this before so I won't waste too much space on it, but this is a deep cornerback draft and the Bucs need a corner to groom for the future. In fact, I will go out on a limb and GUARANTEE the Bucs take a defensive back in the first two rounds.

That being written, I'm still holding out hope the Bucs pick Manny Lawson. And Lawson's availability will most likely depend on how the top six picks in the draft work out. San Francisco has two first round picks (#6 & #22), which the 49ers will likely split on an offensive talent and a defensive talent. If Maryland tightend Vernon Davis falls to the sixth pick, there is no question the 49ers will grab him. If that happens it is very likely the 49ers would select Lawson one pick before the Bucs are on the clock.

But (and this is a big but), there are indications the Jets or Packers (who pick before San Fran) are interested in Vernon Davis. If the Packers select Davis then the 49ers would end up drafting Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk. In this scenario, the 49ers would probably pick a reciever at the 22 spot.

And of course, this would make it more likely that my favorite squirrel killer would be available to the Bucs.

The first eight picks will set the tone for the rest of the draft. For example, if D'Brickshaw Ferguson falls past the fourth pick, it is likely Winston Justice would also fall since few teams besides the Bucs need tackle help. Any unexpected pick in the first eight will act like stone thrown in a pond, creating a ripple effect in the rest of the first round.

Miss Cleo says for another $5 she'll tell you who the Bucs will pick

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