Pass the puck, hey

I've been informed that there's this sport where grown men push a "puck" around with a stick in between savagely beating the shit out of each other (how barbaric)... and they play on ice of all places! Despite the absence of ice in Florida this Tampa Bay team has done quite well, and has even won some kind of giant cup. (I suspect they've been recruiting players from outside of Florida.)

And apparently the postseason for this odd sport starts today, with our "local" boys facing off against a Canuck team called the Ottawa Senators. Which seems like an odd name for a team from Ottawa since everyone knows the capital of Canada is Toronto.

Either way, I suggest you stop by BoltsMag for all the latest news on our puck-pushing boys in blue and black. Even despite the absence of any pictures of the ice girls.

Sadly this is the closest picture I could find to the Tampa Bay ice girls.


John F. said...

Dude, I am so blogging this :-) (You going to have live draft blogging going on?)

And I'll work on getting you some ice girl pictures. THey used to be on www.tblightningentertainment.com but that site went tits-up (pardon the pun) sometime during the season.

Anonymous said...

the capital of canada is ottawa. i don't understand your humor.