When Gun Safety Demonstrations go Bad

Note to former Buc player Lee Paige, might want to make sure the gun is not loaded next time.

Paige played three games for Bucs replacement team during the 1987 player strike (that's right he's a scab and a klutz), and then joined the DEA in 1990. He was giving a drug safety presentation for the DEA when one of the guns he was showing accidently went off. Best part about this video? Right before he shoots himself in the foot Paige says, ""I'm the only one professional enough in this room to use this weapon."

(Big tip of the hat to BucPower)


Cutthroat Pirates said...

This is an old video, we had to see this in my academy class. Even cops make mistakes. The video is a little funny, but in reality it is
embarrassing for me to watch. However, even he an expert with weapons made a critical mistake, he forgot there was a round in the chamber. This is still a good tool for kids. Even us professionals make mistakes, which could become fatal.

Ski said...

do you know how old this video is? today is the first time I've seen, so I assumed it was released recently (a few weeks ago or so).

Cutthroat Pirates said...

I saw the video in 2004, the lawsuit is why it is all becoming public again. It even said on the smoking gun that it happened in April 2004, I saw it in August 2004. That is why I said it was old. Almost every cop has seen this video as a training film.

Ski said...

thanks cutthroat, on second glance I noticed that the bucstats article mentioned paige shot himself in the foot in 2004.