Sunday is the new Monday

Night that is.

With the shift of the NFL's premier game from Monday to Sunday night comes the anticipated flex scheduling, which should prevent those snorefest Week 15 Green Bay vs Baltimore matchups. Details?

  • When the NFL schedule is released (soon), no Sunday night games will be scheduled for Weeks 10-17. Instead NBC (which will broadcast Sunday night games) can pick, at least 12 days in advance, which matchup it wants to broadcast.

  • Only games on Sunday afternoon can be moved to Sunday night. Thursday, Saturday and Monday games are protected.

  • CBS and Fox can each protect up to five games in those seven weeks from being moved to Sunday night.

All in all, good move by the NFL which guarantees that its marquee matchups get top billing. If this policy had been in place last season you can guarantee the Bucs would have had at least one Sunday night game, considering their unexpected success.

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